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Monday, August 08, 2016

来自水星的男人 Lai Zhi Shui Xing De Nan Ren THE GENTLEMEN Ch 8 TV Show


The story revolves around three brothers who grew up in a male-dominant family and all inherited a chauvinistic streak from their father. Eldest brother Zhang Nai Ping (Chen Han Wei) aspires to be his own boss but he suffers many setbacks in his career and his marriage.

The Gentlemen 《来自水星的男人》Official Launch by Mediacorp Channel 8

His wife Zhou Hui Min (Cynthia Koh) cannot tolerate his chauvinism, they eventually divorced. In a twist of event, Nai Ping chanced upon a business opportunity in confinement food catering. Second brother Zhang Nai Liang (Pierre Png) suffers from ear disease which leads to migraine and had to give up his passion in ballet.

He conducts ballet classes for children instead, but a parent accused him of behaving inappropriately towards her daughter… The youngest brother Zhang Nai Wei (Aloysius Pang) graduates from the arts school specializing in fashion design. However, his lack of social skills and introvert nature hinders his chances at job interviews.

He had his lucky break when the CEO of a fashion company employs him, but his happiness is short-lived when he discovers he has to design women lingerie. The three brothers find themselves in professions that contradict their chauvinistic nature, can they put aside their prejudice and be successful in their career?

Weekdays on Channel 8
Debuts 9 Aug 2016 from 9:00 - 10:00 PM


Chen Hanwei as  Zhang Naiping
Zhang Nailiang and Zhang Naiyi's elder brother
Confinement nanny    

Pierre Png as Zhang Nailiang
Zhang Naiping and Zhang Naiyi's second brother
Ballet teacher  

Aloysius Pang as Zhang Naiyi
Zhang Naiping and Zhang Zhang Nailiang's younger brother
Fashion designer, later a undergarment designer  
Cynthia Koh as Zhang Naiping's wife
Zhang Nailiang and Zhang Naiyi's sister-in-law  

Paige Chua as Su Meidai
Undergarment company chairman
Zhang Naiyi's secret admirer  
Carrie Wong as Wang Kaixin
Works at the undergarments company
In love with Zhang Naiyi  
Jin Yinji as
Zhang Naiping, Zhang Nailiang and Zhang Naiyi's mother   

Male Dancers Are NOT Sissies!!!! by Mediacorp Channel 8

I Just Gave Birth.. What now? by Mediacorp Channel 8

GU NIANG, GU NIANG, GU NIANG by Mediacorp Channel 8


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来自水星的男人 Lai Zhi Shui Xing De Nan Ren THE GENTLEMEN Episode 1

The three Zhang brothers come from a family of male chauvinists. Zhang Naiping, the eldest, runs a maid agency. He and his wife, Zou Huimin, are in the midst of divorce proceedings. The second brother, Zhang Nailiang, is a ballet dancer, while the youngest, Zhang Naiyi, is a students at an arts school. The family is at Naiyi’s graduation ceremony. N

aiping and Nailiang quarrel over a seat and are sent out of the auditorium. Their mother, He Zhaodi, bemoans the death of her husband, Zhang Weida, who passed away half a year ago. She is sad he is not at Naiyi’s graduation. Nailiang idolises Xu Ruoqi, a dancer. When she picks him for an audition, he is elated.

Naiping comes across a maid while she is being abused. Annoyed by the arrogance of the employer, he gets into a brawl with him. They settle their dispute at a police station. Caught up with her job as an insurance agent, Huimin pays no attention to Naiping’s injuries. She reminds him to tell Zhaodi about their divorce as soon as possible. Nailiang rents a place on his own. He is confident he will audition successfully and get to join Ruoqi in New York.

Naiyi was traumatised by a man with red nails when he was young. Since then, he has had a fear of women whose nails are painted red. Naiyi forgets to retrieve his ATM card after withdrawing money. Sally, who is in the queue behind him, chases after him to return his card. He goes berserk when he sees her red nails and hides in a lingerie shop.

The lingerie shop owner is Wang Shengyi. His daughter, Wang Kaixin, is nicknamed Princess A Class for her flat chest. She is able to tell the customer’s bra cup size by just looking at them. Naiping does not wish to divorce his wife but is too proud to admit it. On his way to the audition, Nailiang notices Su Meidai, who shooting a print advertisement.

Watching her pose seductively while clad only in sexy lingerie, Nailiang trips over a cable. Meidai falls onto him, and the shoot is halted. During the audition, Nailing becomes dizzy and faints while dancing. A debt collector turns up at Naiping’s office.

Naiping refuses to entertain him, as it was his business partner, Gary, who obtained the loan. The debt collector vandalises the office. Naiyi reports for work at a fashion design company. Sally happens to be one of his colleagues, and tries to return his ATM card. He is so traumatised by her red nails that he spills his beverage.

来自水星的男人 Lai Zhi Shui Xing De Nan Ren THE GENTLEMEN Episode 2

Depressed, the three brothers wonder aimlessly on the same street, but they do not notice each other. Gary uses the company’s name to borrow a large sum of money and absconds. Naiping is forced to take on the debt. Due to the circumstances of the audition, Nailiang does not qualify to join Ruoqi in New York.

Naiyi is fired on his first day of work. He spots Nailiang and confides in him. Nailiang encourages him to overcome his psychological hangups. The two brothers then notice Naiping, who has not shared his predicament on account of pride. Naiping’s daughter, Jingrou, lets slip that Naiping and Huimin are going through a divorce.

Zhaodi, who is hoping to have a grandson, is upset. She has a talk with Huimin and attempts to save the marriage. Huimin insists she can no longer tolerate Naiping’s chauvinism. Naiyi tries to overcome his fear of red nails but to no avail. At a shopping centre, he helps to catch a molester and almost falls from a building.

Meidai, who happens to be sporting red nails, rescues him. Not only does he not show fear, he is attracted to her smile. Meidai is the manager of the bra design department of a clothing company. Her superior, Tim, is dissatisfied with their work, and Meidai has to recall her staff over the weekend.

Naiyi wonders why he is indifferent to Meidai’s red nails. Nailiang is sure it must be because he has fallen for her. He suggests Naiyi should think about Meidai whenever he sees red nails. Naiyi follows his brother’s suggestion and is overjoyed to realise he has overcome his fear.

Plagued by fainting spells, Nailiang goes for a medical checkup. He is diagnosed with Meniere’s , and is advised to give up ballet. He is certain his illness was sparked by Meidai knocking him onto the ground and thus bears a resentment against her.

来自水星的男人 Lai Zhi Shui Xing De Nan Ren THE GENTLEMEN Episode 3

Huimin remembers Zhaodi’s advise to consider their child and decides to give Naiping another chance. He is overjoyed. At the same time, he finds another business partner, one willing to invest in the business, and is relieved. Nailiang is forced to quit dancing due to his condition. However, he lies to his troupe members that he is going to join a Germany dance troupe overseas.

Zhaodi goes to dance classes at a community centre and Nailiang pays her a visit there. She is proud her son has inherited her dancing genes. So as not to disappoint her, he does not tell her he has quit the dance troupe. Naiyi is helping out at his friend’s bridal shop when he sees Meidai passing by and quickly rushes out to see her.

He knocks over Kaixin’s box of bras, which is ruined by a passing bicycle. Tim takes Ivy, his pregnant wife-to-be, to pick a wedding gown. To her annoyance, none of the gowns covers her baby bump. Naiyi applies his talents, and they are finally able to hide Ivy’s belly. Tim is impressed, and hires Naiyi to work at his fashion design company. When a debt collector demands settlement, Naiping’s new business partner decides to drop their plans to collaborate.

Naiping worries that his debts will affect his wife and daughter, and begins to distance himself from them. Tim assigns Naiyi to work as a designer at the lingerie department. Meidai is his superior. Meidai is unhappy that Tim fired a female designer and hired a man.

She quarrels with him, and Tim agrees to give Meidai more time to increase sales, on condition Naiyi join her team. Naiyi is caught in between them. Naiping and Huimin sign the divorce papers. Although both of them are reluctant to part, they still choose to. Naiping leaves the house to Huimin and Jingrou and moves into his mother’s place. Nailiang decides to move back to his mother’s house as well.

来自水星的男人 Lai Zhi Shui Xing De Nan Ren THE GENTLEMEN Episode 4

Naiping and Nailiang refuse to let each other enter Zhaodi’s house. She returns home and is shocked to learn they are both moving in and that Naiping is divorced. Zhaodi cannot fathom how the three brothers are going to survive together in one room. Naiping refuses to budge, and Nailiang is forced to leave.

Naiyi is shocked to find Naiping on his bed when he returns home. He soon realises Naiping is divorced. When Naiping asks about his new job, he does not say a word. Naiyi wonders whether to continue to be a lingerie designer. Eventually, he decides to stay and help Meidai.

The next morning, Meidai tries to persuade Naiyi to give up the job, as men do not understand women’s underwear. He objects and promises to prove his worth. Meidai instructs Yilin to give Naiyi menial jobs so that he will resign of his own accord. Though Yilin pities him, she follows Meidai’s instructions.

Naiping makes his way back to his own home as in the past. Upon arrival, he remembers he no longer lives there. He sees a man inside and becomes infuriated at the thought that the man might be Huimin’s lover. He storms in, only to encounter Nailiang. Huimin has rented a room to Nailiang. Naiping insists it is inappropriate for them to stay together. She disagrees, and tells him to return her the house keys. Meidai bumps into Nailiang and they squabble.

He accidentally drops her car keys into the drain. Rushing to meet a dance director, he ignores her, and she misses her meeting with the shopping centre manager. Naiyi confesses to Nailiang that he is a lingerie designer and has a crush on his superior. He asks Nailiang to keep this revelation a secret.

Naiping winds up his maid agency to pay off his debts, but is afraid to let his family know. Yilin rushes to pick her daughter, Venice, from school when news spreads that there is a molester on the school’s presmises. Naiping goes to get Jingrou from the same school, and offers to take Venice home too. Yilin mistakes him for a pervert and uses a pepper spray on him.

来自水星的男人 Lai Zhi Shui Xing De Nan Ren THE GENTLEMEN Episode 5

Yilin realises she has mistaken Naiping for a pervert and apologises. Naiping cannot bear to see the pregnant Yilin and Venice waiting for taxi in the heat and offers them a ride. Yilin’s husband, Francis, a pilot, happens to be Naiping’s army mate. They have not been in contact for a long time.

Nailiang overhears Naiping and their neighbour talking about Naiping’s maid agency. He realises Naiping has liquidated his business and is in debt. Naiping demands Nailiang keep this a secret. Huimin meets a client, Mr Heng. Learning she is divorced, he offers to recommend her to other clients without giving hint of his own ulterior motive.

They come to a carpark, where Huimin notices Naiping’s car. She finds out the car was sold to Mr Heng at a low price because Naiping was in need of quick cash. Mr Heng keeps touching Huimin during the car ride, but she brushes him off tactfully. Huimin berates Naiping for being generous to his friends despite being financially strapped. Overhearing their conversation, Zhaodi becomes worried.

Thinking Nailiang has let his secret out, Naiping scolds him. Nailiang retaliates and accuses him of telling their late father about his dancing. They quarrel. Naiping becomes a taxi driver. He happens to pick up a colleague of Naiyi’s named Xena. He drops her at Naiyi’s office building and is counting out her change when Naiyi sees him and hides in fear.

Yilin realises Naiyi has not told his family he is working as a lingerie designer. She advises him to switch careers if he is too embarrassed to do lingerie. Naiyi is determined to stay on. A foreign company steals their designs and launches the line of lingerie first.

Yilin notices photos of the designs in Naiyi’s handphone and suspects him of being the culprit. He explains that he had taken the photos for reference and shows her his own designs, which are roundly criticised. After struggling with himself, Naiyi buys some lingerie to try on at home.

来自水星的男人 Lai Zhi Shui Xing De Nan Ren THE GENTLEMEN Episode 6

Naiyi hurriedly puts the lingerie away when Naiping returns home. The three brothers have a meal together after paying respects to their late father. Zhaodi tries to mediate between Naiping and Nailiang but to no avail.

Mr Heng complains about defects on the car and Naiping agrees to compensate him. While taking him home, Naiping overhears a phone conversation in which Mr Heng tells a friend that he has arranged to meet a pretty insurance agent at his house. Naiping is shocked to find that the insurance agent is Huimin.

She has seen through Mr Heng’s ploy and is well-prepared. To her dismay, Naiping foils her plans and ruins the deal. Nailiang is strict about adhering to his choreographed movements and the dancers are unhappy. To prove himeself, he performs the dance. Ms Foo is mesmerised by his gracefulness and invites him to lunch.

At the restaurant, they bump into Meidai and Yilin. Going on the misconception that Nailing is Ms Foo’s gigolo, Meidai develops a bad impression of him. Nailiang accidentally damages the gift Meidai has bought for her boyfriend, Yuan Juli. She justifies her grudge against him. Ms Foo wants Nailiang to accompany her to buy lingerie.

They bump into Meidai and Yilin again. Meidai gets back at Nailiang and accuses him of being a cheat and a carrier of sexually transmitted diseases. Ms Foo is horrified. Naiyi submits a market survey report to Meidai and reveals he has tried the bra on himself.

Admitting that he had overheard her conversation with her superior, he offers to help her weather the crisis. She gives him his first assignment. Naiping and Huimin find lingerie in Nailiang’s room and conclude he is the perverted underwear thief. Nailiang denies their accusations vehemently but can’t reveal the truth. So as not to implicate his brother, Naiyi admits the lingerie belongs to him.

来自水星的男人 Lai Zhi Shui Xing De Nan Ren THE GENTLEMEN Episode 7

It becomes known that Naiyi is working as a lingerie designer. When Naiping insists there are no prospects in such a shady career, Naiyi argues that he is capable. Nailiang wants Naiping to respect Naiyi’s objections. Zhaodi is exasperated that his sons are always arguing, particularly Naiping and Nailiang.

He and Naiyi mediate, and Nailiang and Naiping agree to set aside their differences. Their relationship improves. Nailiang gets a job as a dance teacher at an arts school. Meanwhile, Naiyi’s designs are approved by Meidai. Nailiang goes to Naiyi’s office to visit him. He is trapped in the lift with Meidai, who panics.

He comforts her, and her impression of him changes. Yilin is surprised to learn Nailiang is Naiyi’s brother. Nailiang gives Naiyi courtship tips, without realising the latter has a crush on Meidai. Naiyi finds out Kaixin is an expert on lingerie. He tries the tricks Nailiang has taught him to gain her favour but fails.

Francis hires Naiping to ferry Yilin to and from work so that she need not tire herself taking the bus. Huimin is still angry with Naiping for causing her to lose a client. She accepts a lift from Sean and makes a dramatic show of getting into his luxurious car. Naiyi brings a fruit basket to the lingerie shop, in the hope that Kaixin would say yes to imparting her knowledge to him.

He is rejected. Shengyi boasts that Kaixin gained her know-how from him. He persuades Naiyi to be his protege and extorts money from him. After realising he has been conned, Naiyi confronts Shengyi, who faints. Both of them fall down the stairs.

来自水星的男人 Lai Zhi Shui Xing De Nan Ren THE GENTLEMEN Episode 8

Naiyi’s head is injured, but he performs CPR on Shengyi nonetheless and saves his life. Kaixin comes to realise her father has a heart problem and is grateful to Naiyi for saving his life. Nailiang starts work as a teacher at the arts school. Trying to correct a female dancer’s move, he puts his hand on her waist.

She thinks he’s trying to get fresh with her. Feeling unappreciated, Nailiang tenders his resignation. The school principal suggests he teach at the ballet school for children that his former schoolmate, Liu Yutong, has opened. Nailiang hesitates, as he deems it a waste of his talent.

Nailiang does not have enough money to pay for the repair of his motorcycle. He wants to borrow from Naiyi but is chided by Naiping. Yilin buys an education insurance policy from Huimin for Venice. They chat, and Huimin becomes depressed about her failed marriage when Yilin mentions how loving her husband is.

Sean comes to pick Huimin up. Yilin senses he is seriously courting Huimin. She mentions this to Naiping, who feels flustered. Naiping waits for Huimin downstairs. He sees Sean accompanying her home and warns her that Sean has an ulterior motive. She scoffs at his words and reminds him that they are divorced and he has no right to interfere in her affairs. Naiyi absent-mindedly places his sketch of Meidai with the documents and she happens to find it.

She realises he has a crush on her. With his secret let out, he begins to pursue her actively, but she is not interested in him. Meidai ensures that Naiyi catches sight of a photo of her with her boyfriend. He is devastated. While visiting Shengyi at the hospital, Kaixin overhears the nurses talking about a handsome young man with brain cancer.

She thinks they are discussing Naiyi. Kaixin follows Naiyi and sees him lying on the railway tracks with his eyes closed. Fearful that he is going to commit suicide, she pulls him up and tries to talk him out of it. However, it soon becomes apparent that he is merely depressed. She tells him to write his troubles on a piece of paper, fold it into the shape of a dragonfly, and let it fly away with the wind.

来自水星的男人 Lai Zhi Shui Xing De Nan Ren THE GENTLEMEN Episode 9

Naiyi appreciates Kaixin for cheering him up. They chat happily and she agrees to teach him all she knows about lingerie. On her mother’s death anniversary, Kaixin pays her respects. Shengyi is unable to accept that his wife is dead and continues to grieve. He drinks heavily and returns home drunk.

Mistaking Kaixin for his late wife, he hugs her and weeps bitterly. Nailiang is in urgent need of money. He goes to Yutong’s children’s ballet school to teach. The children cry when he scolds them. Venice is a student in Nailiang’s class. She cries when Meidai comes to fetch her. Thinking Meidai is Venice’s mother, Nailiang gets into a disagreement with her and they quarrel. Later, they realise Venice has gone missing.

When Nailiang helps Meidai find the child, her attitude towards him changes. Meidai turns out to be Venice’s godmother. Naiping takes Yilin to work. She mentions that she is looking for a confinement nanny, and he promises to look for one for her. Naiping notices Francis and a young lady going into a hotel and suspects they are having an affair.

He informs Yilin, who does not believe him. He takes her to the hotel, hoping to catch Francis red-handed. It turns out that Francis has booked a hotel room and decorated it to surprise Yilin for their 10th anniversary. Naiping is embarrassed by his mistake. Under Kaixin’s tutelage, Naiyi designs his first bra. He gets her to try it on. A customer brings a dog to the lingerie shop. The dog runs loose and enters the changing room. Naiyi runs after it and sees Kaixin’s naked back.

来自水星的男人 Lai Zhi Shui Xing De Nan Ren THE GENTLEMEN Episode 10

 Naiyi catches sight of Kaixin’s bare back and is slapped. Gossip starts to swirl, and the neighbours spread rumours about them kissing in the changing room. Some even say they have been intimate. Shengyi is outraged. He hunts Naiyi down and demands he be responsible and marry Kaixin.

She rushes over and pulls Shengyi away in embarrassment. Naiyi presents his princess-style lingerie. He states that the line’s inspiration is Kaixin. Meidai likes Naiyi’s work and wants him to attend the presentation with the sales team at their next meeting. Nailiang is very strict with his ballet students. The parents complain he steps on the children’s feet, slaps their faces, and attempts to touch their bodies.

Yutong reminds Nailiang to keep his distance from the children and change his teaching methods. She arranges for a staff member to sit in on his lessons until the parents trust him. Meidai shows up at the ballet class and notices the children are fearful of Nailiang. She suggests he play games with the class to generate interaction, and it works. Nailiang’s relationship with Meidai improves. After chatting with her, he realises she is Naiyi’s superior and crush.

On her part, she is guilt-stricken when she learns he can’t perform on stage anymore because her kick triggered off Meniere’s disease for him. Naiping reads through a business proposal on providing confinement meals and decides to go into partnership with Zhaodi. He delivers a confinement meal to Huimin’s house for her client.

Sean happens to be around. He announces that he is courting Huimin. Naiping decides to use his own savings to start the confinement meal business and rejects Zhaodi’s help. Rumours of Nailiang sleeping around and suffering from a sexually transmitted disease spread to the children’s ballet school. A little girl encounters a peeping Tom in the toilet. Nailiang is accused of the act when it is clear he has a towel similar to that of the peeping Tom.

来自水星的男人 Lai Zhi Shui Xing De Nan Ren THE GENTLEMEN Episode 11

Nailiang is mistaken for a pervert. Standing up for him, Meidai declares that the rumours are untrue. She reveals she saw a man throwing a towel into the trash bin. Though they find the towel, the neighbours continue to harbour doubts about Nailiang. Naiyi apologises to Kaixin for barging into the changing room.

He discovers her talent for design and encourages her to enroll in a course. Naiyi’s princess-style lingerie is identical to lingerie imported from Taiwan. Suspecting a leak, Meidai calls for an investigation. Tim halts production and Naiyi is upset. Shengyi is fond of Naiyi and encourages Kaixin to develop her relationship with him.

Zhaodi finds old newspaper cuttings of Nailiang’s ballet performances in the store room. Nailiang realises his late father, Weida, had acknowledged his achievements. He blames Naiping for telling Weida about his dance career and causing the father-and-son relationship to sour. They never reconciled. Naiping denies this.

Nailiang decides to resign when the enrollment in his classes drop. Yutong encourages him not to give up and reveals she had told Weida about him being accepted by a German dance school. Nailiang realises he has wrongly accused Naiping. Nailiang apologises to Naiping and they patch up. Sean is to be transferred to the US headquarters for three years. He asks Huimin to go with him.

来自水星的男人 Lai Zhi Shui Xing De Nan Ren THE GENTLEMEN Episode 12

Disheartened when Huimin decides to go with Sean, Naiping throws himself into his work. Francis returns home and is cold towards Yilin. She feels he is keeping something from her. Naiping picks Yilin up and takes her to work. Preoccupied, he brakes suddenly. Yilin is badly shaken and sent to the hospital.

Francis arrives at the hospital but is indifferent. Naiping overhears him talking on the phone and suspects he is having an affair. Afraid of making another mistake, he pretends he knows nothing. Francis is going overseas again. He asks Yilin to take care of herself and the baby. She becomes uneasy.

All the parents transfer their children to another teacher’s class. Only Meidai and Venice remain in Nailiang’s class. The police arrest the real pervert and clear Nailiang’s name. Meidai introduces Nailiang to a doctor who can treat his illness. Meidai’s car breaks down and Nailiang is helping her out when a sudden storm prompts them to scramble into the car for shelter. Being close to each other makes them realise there is some chemistry between them.

While at lunch with Kaixin, Naiyi talks about the stress Meidai is under, and Kaixin realises he likes Meidai. Though dejected, she pretends to be calm and gives him advice on how to show his concern. Naiyi tells Xena and the others about the pressure Meidai is getting from Tim. Everyone stays back to work overtime in support of Meidai, who is grateful. Huimin is surprised Naiping has attended Jingrou’s activities.

He replies that he wants to show concern for his daughter in case she gets snatched away. It turns out that Huimin did not agree rightaway when Sean asked her to go to US with him. She wanted more time to think about it. Zhaodi is injured. Unable to cook the confinement food, she teaches Naiping how to do so. Nailiang and Naiyi offer to help. Zhaodi is glad the three brothers are finally getting along.

来自水星的男人 Lai Zhi Shui Xing De Nan Ren THE GENTLEMEN Episode 13

 Naiyi and Kaixin pass by a clothing shop. He can see she likes a dress, even though she claims she doesn’t like to wear dresses. He buys it for her without her knowledge, intending to give it to her as a birthday gift. When Shengyi is not home, Kaixin tries on a dress she had bought. He comes back with Naiyi and the sight of her in a dress confuses him.

He hugs her, thinking she is his late wife then runs out in embarrassment upon coming to his senses. Shengyi has not come to terms with his wife’s death. Kaixin bears a striking resemblance to her late mother, and he becomes disoriented whenever she wears a dress and thinks she is his wife.

That is the reason Kaixin has not worn dresses since her mother’s passing. Zhaodi gives up dancing to help Naiping in his business. He suggests she teach him how to make the confinement dishes so that she need not sacrifice her hobby. Huimin is incredulous that Naiping the male chauvinist is willing to step into the kitchen. They chance upon each other one day and finally have the chance to sit down and talk amicably.

He gives his good wishes to her and Sean. Shengyi avoids Kaixin and hides in Iron Man’s house, playing mahjong relentlessly. Naiyi talks him into facing the reality that his wife is dead. Shengyi goes home and apologises to Kaixin, and promises to find a way to overcome his confusion. Ruoqi returns to Singapore after breaking up with her boyfriend. Nailiang is pleased. Meidai falls ill and is resting at home when there is a blackout. Terrified of the dark, she calls Nailiang for help and hugs him when he arrives. Naiyi happens to visit and sees them hugging.

来自水星的男人 Lai Zhi Shui Xing De Nan Ren THE GENTLEMEN Episode 11

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Sunday, August 07, 2016

Nathan Hartono's Electrifying Performances At Sing! China Auditions - Zhong Guo Xin Ge Sheng

Soulful, boyish and earnest. Nathan's rendition of "有没有" (Loosely Translated: "Did You Ever...") charmed the audience and judges during his audition at 中国新歌声 (Zhong Guo Xin Sheng Ying).

Here's the video of his performance: 【选手片段】向洋《有没有》《中国新歌声》第1期 SING!CHINA EP.1 20160715【浙江卫视官方超清1080P】 by 浙江卫视【中国新歌声】官方频道 Sing!China Official Channel - 欢迎订阅

中国新歌声 (Zhong Guo Xin Ge Sheng) - "Sing! China"  is a popular singing competition/variety show in China that's in it's 5th season.

The song "有没有" (Loosely Translated: "Did You Ever...") is roughly about someone missing his lost love. Someone reminiscing about his past relationship. "Did you ever love me??.. Did you ever think of me?.. Did you ever feel something more..? Things that you/I couldn't say.. " Regret.. angst.. and longing.

His woeful and heart-wrenching performance captured the essence of the song. Together with his boy-next-door looks, his audition was a joy to watch.

The original song and singer:
韋禮安 Weibird Wei - 有沒有 (官方版MV) by 福茂唱片

Sharing his thoughts after his first audition in the show
独家专访《中国新歌声》学员向洋 不在意颜值希望向周杰伦看齐 by 浙江卫视【中国新歌声】官方频道 Sing!China Official Channel - 欢迎订阅

You would probably start to root for him unknowingly as his continued singing through the song, wondering if he stood a chance to be chosen by any one of the judges.

And as moments passed, one by one, each of the judges turned to approve of his singing prowess and potential.

He chose Jay Chou as his teacher for the rest of the competition.

They refer to him as "向洋" or "Xiang Yang" in Mandarin in the show.

Check back here for updates of his upcoming performances during this compeition!

Follow Nathan Hartono on his YouTube Channel at:

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To be updated.

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Dunno what he was doing here.. Goofing around.
【中国新歌声】 向洋 Nathan Hartono by 浙江卫视【中国新歌声】官方频道 Sing!China Official Channel - 欢迎订阅

Practicing his beat-boxing and some voice effects.
【中国新歌声】 向洋 Nathan Hartono by 浙江卫视【中国新歌声】官方频道 Sing!China Official Channel - 欢迎订阅

Nathan doing up a mash-up/voice montage song video
【中国新歌声】 向洋 Nathan Hartono - Pillowtalk by 浙江卫视【中国新歌声】官方频道 Sing!China Official Channel - 欢迎订阅

He plays drums too?!!!! 【中国新歌声】 向洋 Nathan Hartono by 浙江卫视【中国新歌声】官方频道 Sing!China Official Channel - 欢迎订阅

Nathan doing another mash-up/voice montage song video
【中国新歌声】 向洋 Nathan Hartono - One call away [Charlie Puth] by 浙江卫视【中国新歌声】官方频道 Sing!China Official Channel - 欢迎订阅

Nathan doing another mash-up/voice montage song video
【中国新歌声】 向洋 Nathan Hartono - Work [Rihanna] by 浙江卫视【中国新歌声】官方频道 Sing!China Official Channel - 欢迎订阅


Thursday, July 07, 2016

The Dream Job Jue Shi Hao Gong 绝世好工 Ch 8 TV Drama


Many people harbor the hope of a ‘dream job’, one that pays well, offer great benefits, and with a boss who treats them like his own.

The Dream Job《绝世好工》Exclusive Showreel by Mediacorp Channel 8

A television commercial pops up, advertising three “exceptional job positions” – to act as the children of and help in the business of a mysterious wealthy businessman (Hugo Ng).

The Dream Job 绝世好工: Theme Song 年轮 by Mediacorp Channel 8

Not only does this job draws a high salary, it also offers expensive cars and life in a mansion with servants at their beck and call!

This of course attracted many applications but the lawyer ( Shaun Chen) hired to coordinate the employment decided on a financial advisor(Jeanette Aw) to be the second daughter, a nurse ( Rebecca Lim) to be the third daughter, and a model-actor (Ian Fang) as the youngest son....

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From 28 Jun 2016
Weekdays from 9:00 to 10:00 PM
On Channel 8


Hugo Ng as Zhang Qingdong
Owner of Purple Garden
A man with three illegitimate children due to his many affairs in the past
Liang Yongqiang's distant cousin
Love triangle with Lin Melian and Wang Bizhi
Cheng Huishan and Lin Zijie's father
Li Junfeng's sworn enemy    1-30

Shaun Chen as   Li Junfeng
Lawyer Lee Choon Feng
Chen Yiqing's ex-boyfriend
Likes Jiang Xinya
Zhang Qingdong's son

Jeanette Aw as Cheng Huishan
Senior financial consultant Thia Hui Saw
Wang Bizhi's daughter
Zhang Qingdong's recruited daughter, later revealed as biological
Zhang Lixing's love interest
Tim Goh's ex girlfriend
Recruited in The Dream Job recruitments as the eldest daughter
Allergic to pollen

 Rebecca Lim as  Jiang Xinya
Nurse Kang Hiam Nga
Zhang Qingdong's recruited daughter
Qiu Xinling's elder sister
Li Junfeng and He Jiazheng's love Interest
Recruited in The Dream Job recruitments as the second daughter

Ian Fang as Lin Zijie
 Television drama cameo
Lin Meilan's son
Zhang Qingdong's recruited son, later revealed as biological
Pan Xiaoxue's boyfriend
Recruited in The Dream Job recruitments as the younger son

Zhang Zhenhuan as Zhang Lixing
 Zhang Qingdong's adopted son
Likes Cheng Huishan
Zhang Mingde's biological son
Deaf in his right ear

Romeo Tan as  Tim Goh

Aileen Tan as  Wang Bizhi

Pan Lingling as  Lin Meilan

Sheila Sim as  Chen Yiqing

Bonnie Loo as  Qiu Xinling

Kayly Loh as Peggy Tim's girlfriend

Brandon Wong as Liang Yongqiang

Lawrence Wong as Qiu Zhiying

Hong Ling as Pan Xiaoxue

Chen Tianwen as Zhang Mingde

The Dream Job 《绝世好工》Official Launch by Mediacorp Channel 8

The Dream Job 《绝世好工》Official Launch 2 by Mediacorp Channel 8

The Dream Job 《绝世好工》Jeanette Aw & Zhang Zhen Huan by Mediacorp Channel 8

The Dream Job 《绝世好工》Rebecca Lim & Shaun Chen by Mediacorp Channel 8

The Dream Job 《绝世好工》Aileen Tan, Hugo Ng & Pan Ling Ling by Mediacorp Channel 8

The Dream Job 《绝世好工》 Interview First Impressions by Mediacorp Channel 8


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The Dream Job Jue Shi Hao Gong 绝世好工

The Dream Job Jue Shi Hao Gong 绝世好工 Episode 1


A mystery wealthy man offers a dream job to office workers: to live a life of luxury while managing his family-run business. His advertisement also lists the monthly salary as $30,000, and a posh car is among the benefits. Some people find the ad dubious, while others are excited.

The cars of Li Junfeng, a lawyer, and Zhang Qingdong, a wealthy man, collide. Intending to pay for the damage, Junfeng gives his namecard to Qingdong, who is startled by the information on the card. Qingdong meets up with Junfeng. Promising an attractive remuneration, he asks Junfeng to undertake a task for him. Qingdong is hiring suitable candidates to be his sons and daughters.

He wants Junfeng to invite three people to interview for the job: He Jiazheng, a 32-year-old surgeon, Lin Zijie, a 25-year-old actor, and Cheng Huishan, a 30-year-old senior financial advisor. Junfeng tries to persuade the three appointed candidates to attend the interview. Only Zijie is interested.

Junfeng bribes Jiang Xinya, a nurse whom Jiazheng likes, to get him to join her for the interview. To attain his aim, Junfeng is willing to go to any length. He bribes Huishan’s boyfriend, Tim, to make her lose money on an investment. Huishan loses her job as a result.

She slaps Tim in anger and breaks up with him upon learning he is the reason behind her failed investment. With nowhere to stay, she decides to go for the interview. Jiazheng, Huishan, Zijie and Xinya make it to the second round of interviews.

Junfeng’s laptop contains a lot of information on Qingdong, including an old photo showing Qingdong with Junfeng’s mother, Ziyun. Junfeng looks at Qingdong in the photo with hatred. The group turns up at a restaurant for the second interview. An armed man barges in and takes Qingdong hostage.

The Dream Job Jue Shi Hao Gong 绝世好工 Episode 2

 Qingdong clutches his heart in pain and appears to be having a heart attack. During the commotion, he is shot. Zijie discovers a blood bag underneath Qingdong’s clothes, and Junfeng realises the whole scenerio has been a test. Junfeng calms down and introduces the candidates to the boss of this recruitment exercise.

Qingdong then announces the successful ones; Huishan, Zijie and Xinya. The probation period is three months, during which they are to stay with Qingdong and not to divulge his identity to anyone. Junfeng does not understand why Qingdong chose Xinya instead of Jiazheng.

Qingdong explains that there is a sense of familarity about Xinya, and he has a preference for a daughter. Junfeng’s reaction during the test took Qingdong by surprise. It showed him that Junfeng is truly concerned about him. Junfeng instructs his assistant, Benson, to check up on Xinya.

Junfeng and his girlfriend, Yiqing, are having dinner with her father, Wesley, the CEO of The Grand Corp. Wesley is eyeing a plot of land in Punggol that is owned by Qingdong. Jiazheng confesses his feelings for Xinya, who tells him they are only friends and shouldn’t meet again.

Benson finds out Xinya’s mother passed away when she was eight and her father, whose identity is not known, had abandoned her as a child. Huishan, Zijie and Xinya are officially employed as Qingdong’s son and daughters. Huishan is to be the eldest, followed by Xinya and Zijie.

They realise Qingdong is the boss of an established horticultural enterprise, Purple Garden. Huishan has a misunderstanding with Qingdong’s eldest son, Lixing. Qingdong wants them to get along as family, even though they are not related. Lixing does not have biological ties to him either. Huishan, Xinya and Zijie are astonished by Qingdong’s luxurious mansion.

The Dream Job Jue Shi Hao Gong 绝世好工 Episode 3


Lixing shows the trio Qingdong’s various businesses. He assigns Zijie to work in the restaurant. The manager, Yongqiang, who is Qingdong’s distant cousin, is afraid Zijie might replace him. Huishan and Xinya are assigned to the plant nursery, to learn from Uncle Quan.

Xinya accepts her duties, but Huishan feels her talent is not put to good use. Huishan discovers Lixing has a hearing problem. He admits he had lost his hearing in his right ear in an accident when he was young. Huishan takes sick leave and is resting at home.

Qingdong brews Chinese medicine and takes care of her. However, she is on her guard against him. Huishan finds Qingdong in her room, touching her face while she is asleep. Infuriated, she packs her bag to leave. Zijie reminds her that she has to pay back three months’ salary if she breaks her contract. Huishan is sitting outside a convenience store.

Lixing advises her not to have the misconception that all people have a motive for their kindness. Junfeng is determined to get Huishan back. He has already outlined a plan. Without using her as a pawn, he cannot proceed. Junfeng promises Huishan that Qingdong won’t harass her. He informs her that Qingdong is choosing a successor from among his three employees, and her chances are very high.

He purposely reveals Tim has ditched her for a rich girl named Peggy. Huishan agrees to return to the Zhang residence. Junfeng visits his grandmother, who has dementia, at the nursing home. She berates Junfeng’s father for ruining her daughter’s life. Huishan’s project, after she returns to Purple Garden, is to plan a wedding. It turns out the newlyweds are Tim and Peggy.

The Dream Job Jue Shi Hao Gong 绝世好工 Episode 4

 Huishan cannot control the pain and anger boiling in her. She rejects the project and leaves. Lixing shows his concern for Huishan, who reveals Tim’s deeds. He claims he will give another staffer the assignment.

Refused to be seen as a weakling, Huishan asserts that she will handle the project professionally. Tim intends to cancel the wedding at Purple Garden. Junfeng uses photos of him in bed with his clients to blackmail him into doing his bidding.

Qingdong takes his sons and daughters to the beach. Huishan and Zijie pretend to be enjoying themselves. During the barbecue, Qingdong has an asthma attack. Junfeng quickly cycles him to the car to get medication. Xinya brings a sandwich to the nursing home and asks Qiu Zhiying, nicknamed Earthworm, to take it to his younger sister, Xinling.

Earthworm finds Junfeng following him and hits him, warning him to stay away. Yiqing expresses her intention to get married. Junfeng smiles but does not say anything. Zijie visits his mother, Meilan, and gives her a sum of money. She worries about the source of his newfound wealth. At a pub, the drunk Zijie blurts out that he has a wealthy father. When he is leaving, he is grabbed by two men.

The Dream Job Jue Shi Hao Gong 绝世好工 Episode 5


Zijie owes Long-ge money. Long-ge overhears him bragging about his wealthy father, and threatens to chop off his arm. Zijie quickly comes up with a proposal: he will pretend to be kidnapped, and they can extort money from his father. A $20,000 ransom note is sent.

Everyone senses there is something fishy about the goings-on but Qingdong, who is worried about Zijie’s safety, instructs Junfeng and Lixing to pay the ransom. Junfeng can tell Zijie and Long-ge are putting up an act, but does not expose them. Long-ge becomes greedy and asks for another $50,000.

Lixing’s head is hurt while he is helping Junfeng fend off Long-ge. Xinya attends to his wounds, which makes Huishan uncomfortable. Junfeng produces incriminating evidence, and Zijie admits he was in cahoots with Long-ge. He asks Junfeng not to tell anyone, and the latter agrees.

Tim begs Huishan to keep their shared past a secret, so that his wedding can proceed smoothly. Her feelings are hurt, and Lixing comforts her. Qingdong asks Junfeng to be the legal advisor for his organisation. Amazed by Junfeng’s masterful cooking skills, Xinya stays for dinner with the others, and they interact like a family.

Knowing Qingdong has lung cancer, Xinya forbids him from consuming prawns and alcohol. Zijie goes on a shopping spree with Qingdong, who pays the bills like a doting father. Junfeng is able to hire a replacement band for Peggy’s wedding. Grateful, Xinya treats him to a popsicle. Secretly, he removes her popsicle for a DNA test.

The Dream Job Jue Shi Hao Gong 绝世好工 Episode 6


 Junfeng notices Qingdong holding an old family photo of Junfeng’s younger self and parents. He develops mixed feelings towards Qingdong. Qingdong is impressed by Junfeng’s capabilities. Declaring there are better senior lawyers who can meet his expectations, Junfeng asks why he needs him.

Qingdong replies that he likes Junfeng’s name. Observing Junfeng’s gestures while playing badminton, Qingdong begins to suspect he is his eldest son. Zijie pries open the door of a mystery room out of curiosity. It turns out to be a boy’s room. Never expecting that Qingdong would preserve his things, Junfeng’s his hatred for the man wavers. Zijie damages an eggshell handicraft accidentally.

Flying into a rage, Qingdong sends him packing. Afraid Qingdong will terminate their contracts too, Huishan and Xinya make a similar handicraft with Lixing’s help. He is moved. Junfeng arranges for Zijie and Qingdong to play badminton. Qingdong fakes a heart attack.

Zijie is so anxious to save him that Qingdong forgives him and allows him to return to the Zhang residence. Qingdong takes his sons and daughters to a ball. Huishan encounters her previous boss, Peter, who fawns over her. On her part, she takes pleasure in the feeling of being rich.

Junfeng encourages Huishan to give of her best and emerge as Qingdong’s successor. She notices Xinya chatting happily with Qingdong and even wiping his mouth for him. Junfeng jokes that Xinya is a strong contender, but this does not diminish Huishan’s confidence.

The DNA test results show Xinya and Qingdong are not biologically related. On his part, Junfeng reasons that Qingdong and Xinya’s relationship is ambiguous. Tim and Peggy’s big day arrives. Huishan cancels the band’s performance secretly, to mess up the wedding. Peggy relates to the guests how she met Tim, and Huishan realises Tim had two-timed her when they were dating.

The Dream Job Jue Shi Hao Gong 绝世好工 Episode 7

 A floral ornament drops from the ceiling. Tim accuses Huishan of being the perpetrator. She admits this, and lets on that Tim was her previous boyfriend, and that he cheated on her. Qingdong orders Tim to get out. Incensed, Peggy slaps Tim and storms off.

However, Junfeng is disappointed by the outcome of the whole saga. Huishan appreciates Qingdong for defending her; nonetheless, she decides to resign. He takes her home. Bizhi notices Huishan coming out of the car, but does not recognise Qingdong as the car drives away.

Qingdong finds out Junfeng had used underhanded means to make Huishan resign. He questions the latter and instructs him to bring her back. Disgruntled that his own father would care so much for an illegitimate daughter, Junfeng sets his mind on revenge.

Junfeng tells Tim he does not have to depend on Peggy to get rich, and hints that someone else is a bigger goldmine. Tim is uncertain about Huishan’s background. Junfeng witnesses Xinya giving money to Earthworm. The doctor informs Lixing that his hearing in his left ear is damaged and about to be completely lost.

Lixing is devastated. Xinya brews Chinese medicine for Lixing and teaches him home remedies for his ear. He grows fond of her.

The Dream Job Jue Shi Hao Gong 绝世好工 Episode 8

Upon awaking the next day, Qingdong only wants Xinya to remain with him. Lixing senses there is something between them. Lixing shares his horticulture experiences with Huishan. He is focused and knowledgeable, and Huishan develops a liking for him.

She also suspects it was he who saved her when she was young. Zijie invites Qingdong to a place to listen to old songs. Qingdong guesses the venue is Meilan’s workplace. Afraid to meet her, he finds excuses not to go. Qingdong and Meilan had met at a night club 25 years ago. They fell in love.

Later on, he heard rumours and doubted her baby was his. She left him. Years later, Qingdong wanted to take Meilan and the five-year-old Zijie home. She warned him not to interrupt their lives, or never find them again. Meilan’s good friend, Mary, borrowed from loansharks and ran away. Being her guarantor, Meilan was harassed for the $50,000 sum.

Qingdong catches Zijie stealing in his room. When he is told Meilan has a loanshark debt, he gives the money to Zijie without hesitation. Xinya asks Junfeng to help Earthworm out on an assault charge. Earthworm does not care if he is sentenced to imprisonment or not. Benson reports to Junfeng on his investigation, and Junfeng deduces that Xinling and Earthworm are siblings.

However, he cannot fathom how Xinya is related to them. Lixing and the others are planning a surprise birthday party for Qingdong. Their unity deepens Junfeng’s desire for revenge. Tim tells Huishan that Junfeng had paid him to make her attend the dream job interview.

At the birthday party, Huishan questions Junfeng, who feigns ignorance. Huishan and Lixing pass by an abandoned area in Purple Garden. Huishan vaguely remembers that she had visited the place when she was young. She asks Bizhi about it.

Bizhi says she is the victim, and claims everyone in Purple Garden harbours ill intentions towards her. Overhearing, Junfeng is infuriated. He recalls the past and schemes to punish Bizhi on behalf of his late mother.

The Dream Job Jue Shi Hao Gong 绝世好工 Episode 9


 Huishan discovers she is Qingdong’s biological daughter. Meilan storms in and berates Qingdong for seeing Zijie behind her back. He tries in vain to explain. Zijie has no choice but to leave with his mother. Junfeng enjoys the discord.

Lixing asks if the three employees are Qingdong’s biological son and daughters. Junfeng speculates that Xinya is the only one without blood ties, and that Qingdong employs her out of gratitude for saving him. Zijie has never seen his mother so angry.

He asks if Qingdong is really his father, and she does not deny this. He is ecstatic at having a billionaire as his father, but she is so incensed that she threatens to disown him if he acknowledges Qingdong. Xinya is about to leave when she is re-employed as Qingdong’s personal assistant-cum-nurse.

Lixing is dismayed. Qingdong has a new assignment for Junfeng: to make Huishan and Zijie return to him. Zijie expresses his wish to acknowledge Qingdong, who is elated. However, Junfeng sows discord, and Zijie is torn between Qingdong and his mother. Tim continues to pester Huishan.

Junfeng helps her out but she is unappreciative. It turns out that Tim is colluding with Junfeng and putting up an act. While visiting his grandmother, Junfeng meets Xinling. He gives her some encouragement. Xinya warns Xinling that Junfeng could have an ulterior motive. Junfeng is grateful to Xinya for bringing his grandmother, who has dementia, back to the nursing home.

They empathise with each other and acknowledge their separate problems. Yiqing wins a design award. Wesley wants Junfeng to speed up the process of getting Qingdong to sell the Punggol land. Using the Purple Garden design project as an excuse, Lixing persuades Huishan to come back to help him. She turns him down.

The Dream Job Jue Shi Hao Gong 绝世好工 Episode 10


 Lixing is nearly run over by a lorry. As a result of this accident, his hearing impairment becomes public knowledge. He assures everyone that everything will be normal once he wears a hearing aid. Qingdong apologises to Huishan, who is still angry that he had abandoned her.

He wants to make amends but she rejects him. It turns out that Qingdong had wanted to take custody of Huishan when she was young. However, Bizhi refused unless he married her. They parted on bad terms. Junfeng advises Lixing to face up to his feelings for Xinya.

Lixing has already cast aside his love for her, but Junfeng’s words give him hope. Junfeng lies to Meilan that Qingdong is asking her to allow Zijie to move back to the Zhang residence. Irked, she decides to leave Singapore with Zijie. Frustrated at not being able to get a job, Bizhi meets up with Qingdong. He remembers how unscrupulous she used to be and gives her the cold shoulder.

She states plainly that she wants to move into his house with Huishan. After much hesitation, he gives in. Huishan insists she will not move back to the Zhang residence. Bizhi tries every available means of persuasion and finally resorts to crying. Huishan gives in.

Bizhi is ecstatic that she is going to live a life of luxury. Once at the Zhang residence, she deliberately makes things difficult for everyone else. Unable to endure the suffering of her illness, Xinling attempts suicide. Fortunately, she is rescued and sent to the hospital. Xinya promises to find her a cure, at all costs.

The Dream Job Jue Shi Hao Gong 绝世好工 Episode 11


 Bizhi chides Lixing for stopping her from staying in Junfeng’s room, and puts him down as being only an adopted child and not entitled to any rights. Qingdong steps in and forbids anyone to stay in that room. Huishan is happy to learn Lixing is not her brother.

Bizhi tells her Qingdong has three flesh-and-blood offspring. The eldest son, Zhang Junfeng, is missing. Next in line is Huishan, and she deserves to inherit Qingdong’s business. Xinya consoles Lixing and asks why Qingdong had adopted him and who his parents are.

He does not have any recollection of what happened before he moved into the Zhang residence at the age of two. He only wants to repay Qingdong’s kindness for taking care of him. Bizhi frames Xinya for stealing a ring. Qingdong does not expose her, as he does not want to upset Huishan.

He makes it up to Xinya by paying for Xinling’s medical bills. Meilan takes Zijie back to Singapore for treatment for a kidney infection. Qingdong reveals he has been taking care of them secretly through the years. Moved, she allows Zijie to move back to Zhang residence.

Xinling’s operation is successful. Her paralysis can be treated if she goes to Australia. Xinya worries about the cost, and Junfeng suggests she persuade Qingdong to sell the Punggol land to earn a commission. Qingdong meets Wesley.

He will not sell the Punggol land but offers the latter a joint project. They reach an agreement. Bizhi storms into the Purple Garden meeting. She insults Lixing and forces him to relinquish his authority to Huishan. Qingdong and Junfeng show up. Qingdong announces that Lixing is his biological son.

The Dream Job Jue Shi Hao Gong 绝世好工 Episode 12

 Lixing cannot believe he is Qingdong’s son. He never did understand why his mother kept reminding him as a child that he was adopted. Qingdong lets on that Lixing’s mother was someone he had a one-night stand with. She passed away soon after he was born.

When Junfeng becomes aware that Lixing is Qingdong’s son, he resolves to help Wesley take Qingdong down. He plans to continue to create havoc in the family, so that Qingdong cannot enjoy family unity. Junfeng visits Xinling at the hospital.

Earthworm suspects Junfeng has an ulterior motive to helping Xinling regain her mobility. Junfeng advises Xinya to be Lixing’s girlfriend. This way, she will not have to worry about Xinling’s medical fees any longer. He also proposes to collaborate with Xinya, who hesitates.

Qingdong gives Huishan charge of the joint project with Wesley from The Grand. To avoid seeing Lixing, she agrees. At a meeting with The Grand, Huishan comes face-to-face with Tim, who is the other party’s representative. He hopes she will give him another chance.

She tries to make things difficult for him, and he allows himself to be manipulated. Heeding Junfeng’s advice, Lixing becomes more proactive about pleasing Xinya. When Qingdong and Xinya visit Xinling, they meet Junfeng’s grandmother.

She recognises Qingdong and starts criticising him. Overwhelmed by her very emotional outburst, she collapses. Before she dies, she tells Junfeng that Qingdong must be punished. Devastated, Junfeng is overwhelmed by hatred and vows to take revenge. He insists Xinya should work with him.

The Dream Job Jue Shi Hao Gong 绝世好工 Episode 13

Junfeng admits to Xinya that he is Qingdong’s long-lost son. She reveals Qingdong has been looking for him and his mother for over 20 years. Junfeng asserts that it’s too late. The moment his mother committed suicide, he knew he would never forgive his father.

Now that his grandmother has died of a stroke precipitated by the sight of Qingdong, he is even more set against Qingdong. Junfeng asks Xinya to keep his secret. He proposes again that they work together. He is not out to take Qingdong’s life; he only wants to punish him.

He will share half the gains with Xinya, and she need not worry about Xinling’s medical fees. Suffering the humiliation of Bizhi’s taunts, as well as financial pressure, Xinya finally relents. Junfeng arranges a simple funeral for his grandmother. Yiqing comforts him. Knowing that Xinya was by Junfeng’s side at his grandmother’s passing, Yiqing feels uncomfortable.

Zijie returns to work at the restaurant and puts on airs. Bizhi speaks up for Yongqiang, who pledges support for her. Junfeng wants Xinya to report Qingdong’s every move to him. He even wants her to make use of Lixing’s deep relationship with Qingdong to achieve their aims.

Junfeng uses Zijie to expose Bizhi as the person who had spread the rumours that Meilan’s baby was not fathered by Qingdong. Incensed, Meilan retorts that Bizhi herself is a mistress. Huishan is shocked and embarrassed by the claims. Xinya accepts Lixing’s confession of love. Watching his loving looks, she feels bitter and conflicted.

The Dream Job Jue Shi Hao Gong 绝世好工 Episode 14

Junfeng praises Xinya for the immense progress in her relationship with Lixing. When he advises her not to take it too seriously, she declares she has no feelings for Lixing. Junfeng wants her to find out who Lixing’s mother is.

When Xinya gently probes about Lixing’s mother, Ziyun comes into Qingdong’s mind and he replies that Lixing resembles his mother, who is gentle, kind, and likes flowers. Qingdong also confesses that the only woman he ever loved was Junfeng’s mother, Ziyun.

Qingdong locates the person who had sent Junfeng’s grandmother to the nursing home. Benson is worried he will find out about Junfeng sooner or later. Junfeng assures him that he is prepared. Qingdong is overjoyed to learn Lixing is dating Xinya. Bizhi finds out Qingdong has cancer.

Shocked, she apologises to Huishan, who forgives her. Xiaoxue, a volunteer photographer, and some teachers take several primary school pupils to visit Purple Garden. Zijie shows them around. He ridicules Xiaoxue when she takes photo of a teddy bear and talks to it. Yongqiang purposely adds chilli powder into the pupils’ food and shifts the blame onto Zijie, who is furious.

Junfeng asks him to be tolerant, and gives the assurance that he will try to bring Qingdong and Meilan together. Zijie trusts Junfeng even more. Qingdong gives Tim a $500,000 cash cheque to leave Huishan. Tim returns the cheque and claims he will not give her up. Tim and Huishan get back together but she is still on her guard. When Xinya is helping Qingdong into his room, they are shocked to find Bizhi there.

The Dream Job Jue Shi Hao Gong 绝世好工 Episode 15

Qingdong is surprised to find Bizhi in his room. She begs him to forgive her past mistakes. Relenting, he forbids her from announcing that he is ill. It turns out Bizhi was in Qingdong’s room looking for his will. She is incensed to learn she and Huishan will be getting nothing. All his money will be used to set up a foundation of which Lixing will be in charge.

The house and Purple Garden will be inherited by Zhang Junfeng. Meilan and Zijie will get nothing either. Huishan’s joint project proposal receives resounding applause. Qingdong praises her proudly. Huishan glances at Tim, who looks at her in approval.

Junfeng has the sense that everything is under his control. Tim is grateful to Junfeng for helping him win Huishan’s heart. He rejoices as he really likes Huishan. Meilan visits Zijie at the Purple Garden. Her clothes are accidentally dampened by Xiaoxue, whom she finds lovable.

In Qingdong’s presence, Bizhi apologises to Meilan, and they finally reconcile. The accountant is caught for using fake receipts and misappropriating company funds. Pressured by Yongqiang and Bizhi, Lixing fires the accountant and allows Bizhi to handle the accounts for the time being. Lixing assures Xinya he will try to be a better person for her sake.

His declaration of love represents stress to her. Bizhi is displeased that Huishan has patched up with Tim. She is sure he will cheat on her again. Earthworm blurts out to Xinling that Xinya could be having a relationship with Junfeng for money, to pay for Xinling’s medical bills. Xinling goes missing. Xinya goes to the cemetery, with Lixing and Junfeng, to look for Xinling. Junfeng is bitten by a poisonous snake and loses consciousness.

The Dream Job Jue Shi Hao Gong 绝世好工 Episode 16

Junfeng regains consciousness. Meanwhile, Xinya learns Xinling has been found and is relieved. Lixing remembers that as a childhood playmate, Zhang Junfeng had a red birthmark on his right ankle. He tells Qingdong about the birthmark, and the latter’s own suspicions about Junfeng deepen.

Unable to locate Xinling at the hospital, Xinya calls Earthworm. Xinling does not want to go to Australia for treatment. When she warns Xinya not to make any more mistakes, Xinya panics. Xinya finds Xinling with Junfeng’s help, but Xinling does not want to go back with them. Earthworm is sure Xinya has fallen for Junfeng, which she denies. Junfeng proposes a plan to Tim, so that Tim can marry Huishan as soon as possible.

Hinting at the problems with the plot of land for the joint project, he instructs Tim to add a clause into the contract between The Grand and Qingdong. Huishan and Tim sign the new contract. Tim expresses his gratitude to Junfeng for the tip-off and gives him a cheque. He does not realise their exchange is being video-recorded.

Xinya no longer wants to lie to Lixing. Junfeng points out that her dream, and Xinling’s, is soon to be fulfilled. He pleads with her to execute his plan, and she is unable to bring herself to refuse him. Qingdong instructs Lixing to take the cup Junfeng has drunk out of for a DNA test. Xinya quickly wipes Junfeng’s cup but does not return it to its usual place.

Yiqing knows Junfeng went in place of Xinya to see a client. He assures her that he is not a two-timer and she will understand eventually. She chooses to believe him. Zijie suggests publicity for Purple Garden. Lixing proposes a mini-movie to be posted on the Internet, and they consult Xiaoxue. When the filming is completed, a celebration is held. Zijie and Xiaoxue get drunk. When they wake up the next day, they are disheveled and lying on the same bed.

The Dream Job Jue Shi Hao Gong 绝世好工 Episode 17

Xiaoxue is upset that she has lost her virginity to Zijie, and swears him to secrecy. He complies willingly, but Yongqiang aggravates the situation and Uncle Quan flies into a rage. Qingdong reprimands Zijie and orders him to take responsibility for his actions. When Meilan suggests Zijie and Xiaoxue get married, Zijie objects vehemently.

Xinya is certain Junfeng set Zijie up, but Junfeng denies this, saying the instinct is in Zijie’s genes. Although Junfeng is Qingdong’s son too, he would never sleep around and be unfaithful to his lover. Xinya believes Junfeng. However, she tells herself that even if she has fallen for him, she will not expose her feelings.

Junfeng reveals that his plan is going to be activated the next day. Xinya reminds him that Qingdong has a history of heart attacks and might not be able to take the blow. He insists Qingdong has to pay for his deeds. Wesley accuses Qingdong of using Huishan to entice Tim into stealing confidential documents from his office. He produces a video showing Tim sneaking into his office, as well as photos of Tim and Huishan in intimate poses.

Tim claims he has been manipulated by Junfeng, but Junfeng denies the accusation. Qingdong transfers one per cent of the joint company’s shares to Wesley and appoints him the leader of the joint project. Huishan, who realises she has been used by Tim, struggles with the double blow on her career and love life. She apologises for incurring such massive losses, but Qingdong consoles her instead.

Junfeng reins in Xinling’s aerophobia, and she finally agrees to go overseas for treatment. Xinya is grateful. Zijie and Xiaoxue decide to cast aside all that happened between them that particular night. Xinya sneaks into Qingdong’s room to find the DNA report. She discovers an old photo of baby Lixing with a mystery man, and snaps a copy of it. The DNA report turns up negative results. Xinya remembers putting Junfeng’s cup in the wrong place. The cup used for the DNA test was Lixing’s. Junfeng is stunned that Lixing is not Qingdong’s biological son.

The Dream Job Jue Shi Hao Gong 绝世好工 Episode 18

 Junfeng checks into the identity of the mystery man in the old photo. Xinya goes into Lixing’s room and flips through his photo album. Lixing contemplates an old photo of himself with a young Zhang Junfeng, and laments that the DNA test results show Junfeng is not Qingdong’s biological son. Qingdong is extremely disheartened by the DNA test results.

He finds another lead in Perth. Lixing visits Xinling for the first time. Xinling does not seem to like him. Junfeng comforts Lixing by saying they need more time to learn to get along with each other. Xinling encourages Xinya to choose Junfeng instead of Lixing. Although Junfeng already has a girlfriend, Xinya should let him know her feelings. Xinya is torn. Meilan senses that Zijie likes Xiaoxue.

She gets Taka to court Xiaoxue to make Zijie jealous. Junfeng and Xinya accompany Xinling to Perth for treatment. Junfeng seizes the opportunity to destroy any evidence that could lead Qingdong to him. They also visit Ziyun’s grave. Xinya notices Zhang Junfeng’s grave next to Ziyun’s, and states flatly that Junfeng is being cruel to Qingdong. He insists he will never let Qingdong live a good life.

Before Xinling’s operation, she tells Junfeng she hopes he will celebrate Xinya’s birthday. He does take Xinya around, and they have a happy time together. Appreciative, she kisses him. Junfeng receives news that Yiqing has been hospitalised for a tumour in the uterus. Meanwhile, Xinya receives a message from Lixing saying Qingdong has been admitted to the hospital.

Junfeng and Xinya have no choice but to suppress their feelings for each other. Back in Singapore, Junfeng realises that he and Yiqing seem to have drifted apart. Xinya meets him at their usual place. Suddenly, Tim charges at Junfeng with a wooden rod.

The Dream Job Jue Shi Hao Gong 绝世好工 Episode 19

Xinya stops Tim from attacking Junfeng. They get into a scuffle, and Junfeng and Xinya are injured. Tim flees. As Junfeng inspects Xinya’s injury and she massages his swollen hands, they sense the deepening affection between them. Junfeng pays his respects to his late grandmother.

He reveals he has fallen for Xinya, but struggles with the hatred he has for a womaniser like his father. Not wishing to be like him, he decides to be faithful to his lover. Huishan stays over at Bizhi’s house while coming to terms with her failed love relationship. She talks to Dayong at the farm, and is overjoyed to learn Lixing is not Qingdong’s biological son. Tim kidnaps Huishan and takes her to the rooftop.

He explains that he was set up by Junfeng, who was in cahoots with Xinya. He asks Huishan for $500,000, so that he can start afresh overseas. Seeing that his motive was money all along, Huishan is devastated. Tussling, Tim and Huishan nearly fall off the rooftop. He saves her, risking his life and being caught by the police.

He reminds er to be wary of Junfeng. Junfeng proposes to Yiqing. Xinya is anguished but congratulates them. Lixing and Huishan travel to Perth. When Lixing takes off his hearing aid and lays it on the grass, Huishan thinks he has fallen asleep and professes her feelings for him. She does not know realise he is awake.

Lixing and Huishan find out Ziyun and Zhang Junfeng are dead. Told of Ziyun and Zhang Junfeng’s passing, Qingdong is grief-sticken. He comes before their graves, guilt-stricken and filled with remorse.

The Dream Job Jue Shi Hao Gong 绝世好工 Episode 20

Qingdong comes before Ziyun and Zhang Junfeng’s graves and expresses his remorse. Junfeng witnesses the scene from afar, not expecting him to bare his heart. Overwhelmed, Qingdong collapses. Junfeng hesitates to save him. Lixing, Huishan and Zijie are grieved to learn Qingdong is beset with stage four cancer.

After receiving a phone call, Xinya makes an excuse to leave. Huishan finds her behaviour odd. Xinya meets with Junfeng, and informs him that Qingdong’s condition is critical. She hopes he will forgive Qingdong and abort his plans for revenge. Junfeng almost wavers, but decides to see his quest through.

Huishan watches them. Although she can’t hear them, she can tell there is something going on between them. Bizhi asks Qingdong to give her some status in the family. He agrees, and she is elated. Zijie suspects Xiaoxue is pregnant and that she is going to abort her baby.

He is willing to take on the responsibilities of a father, but she does not want to marry him. Junfeng delivers his wedding invitation to Qingdong, who rejoices over the marriage. Having treated Junfeng like his son, he promises to attend the wedding. Huishan tells Lixing that Xinya is having a dubious relationship with Junfeng.

Lixing does not believe her. Lixing proposes to Xinya, who turns him down. When he asks if she likes Junfeng, she lies that her answer has nothing to do with Junfeng. She tells Lixing to forget her. When she tenders her resignation, Qingdong is respectful of her wishes. Unable to control her feelings any longer, Xinya tells Junfeng she has fallen for him. Lixing overhears her confession.

The Dream Job Jue Shi Hao Gong 绝世好工 Episode 21

Lixing confides in Huishan about Xinya and Junfeng. He also apologises for being harsh to her the other day. When Lixing asks Qingdong his own true identity, Qingdong confirms they are not related. He had always wanted to protect Lixing when Bizhi humiliated him, so he lied that Lixing was his flesh and blood.

Meilan moves into the Zhang residence. Resentful, Bizhi behaves as if she were the hostess. Qingdong intervenes and announces Meilan is not a guest and will be treated as family. Incensed with Qingdong, Bizhi co-opts Yongqiang to work with her to steal the company’s funds. Zijie and Taka fake an accident.

She pretends to be dying and asks Xiaoxue if her baby was fathered by him. He affirms it. She notices the car driver snickering and realises she is being tricked. Zijie runs after Xiaoxue and declares his true feelings for her. Touched, she agrees to marry him. Meilan cooks soup for Qingdong.

Bizhi sabotages her by adding extra ingredients into the pot. Her plan is foiled by Lixing, who reminds her that her actions will have repercussions for Huishan. Huishan overhears. Qingdong invites Junfeng and Yiqing to accompany him to Sentosa’s Underwater World.

It’s to make up for Qingdong not ever taking his eldest son to the attraction. Junfeng suspects Qingdong knows his identity but wonders why he does not acknowledge him. Yiqing and Junfeng chance upon Earthworm, who chides him for being a two-timer. They argue. Yiqing gives Junfeng a chance to rethink his decision. On the day of the wedding photo-taking, Junfeng does not turn up.

The Dream Job Jue Shi Hao Gong 绝世好工 Episode 22

Xinya is mulling over her troubles while strolling along a beach in Perth. Junfeng appears out of the blue and announces he is not going to marry Yiqing. He will take responsibility for the consequences, and asks Xinya to follow her heart.

Benson calls Junfeng to say he has found the mystery man, who is Zhang Mingde, a 50-year-old who works at a coffeshop in a small town in Malaysia. Junfeng wants Benson to report on his every move. The name is familiar to Junfeng, who tells Xinya that Mingde could be Lixing’s father.

He recalls his mother mentioning the name when he was young. She urges him to acknowledge Qingdong, who already knows his real identity. Junfeng is undecided. Meilan arranges a blind date for Lixing. Huishan makes an excuse and pulls him away. Lixing is thankful. Watching them, Meilan senses that Huishan likes him.

Qingdong and Meilan prepare for Zijie and Xiaoxue’s wedding. Meilan mentions that Lixing and Huishan make a perfect pair, if only they were not siblings.

Qingdong suddenly sees the light. The more Yiqing considers it, the more she feels Junfeng has a hidden agenda for getting close to Qingdong. Lixing’s father is Zhang Deming, who was jailed for manslaughter and smuggling. Deming is released from prison, and he goes to the Purple Garden to look for Lixing, who is not around. Huishan has a bad feeling about Mingde.

Xinling is able to walk after the treatment in Australia. She appreciates Junfeng’s care and hopes he can be her brother-in-law. Junfeng declares his love for Xinya. He has cast down his hatred and is willing to lead a simple life with the woman he loves. She is thrilled.

The Dream Job Jue Shi Hao Gong 绝世好工 Episode 23

Qingdong plays Cupid for Huishan and Lixing and sends them to Australia for an assignment. A prostitute blackmails Mingde for $50. Earthworm threatens Mingde and tells him to pay up. Cash-strapped, Mingde calls Huishan, but Bizhi picks up the phone. He reveals he knows Lixing’s real identity. Huishan sets up a new design company.

Bizhi is transferred to the new company to oversee the accounts. Yongqiang instigates Bizhi to use the company’s funds for investment. Huishan and Lixing bump into Junfeng and Xinya in Australia. Junfeng is holding Xinya’s hands. Lixing feels bitterness but gives them his best wishes. Huishan remains hostile.

Huishan and Lixing lose their way in the forest. Junfeng and Xinya arrive to help them, and they find their way to safety together. They also clear up their misunderstanding.

Lixing is touched when Huishan stays up all night to tend to him. Lixing sorts out his feelings and declares them to Huishan, who readily accepts his love. Mingde is caught for cheating at an underground gambling den and beaten up. He calls Bizhi for help but Lixing answers the phone. Mingde claims he is Lixing’s father and Ziyun is his mother.

The Dream Job Jue Shi Hao Gong 绝世好工 Episode 24

Lixing does not believe Qingdong’s wife, Ziyun, is his mother. Mingde misleads Lixing by saying he and Ziyun were lovers and that Qingdong had raped her. After Qingdong and Ziyun got married, Qingdong did not stop philandering. Ziyun suffered and sought solace in Mingde.

They blundered while drunk and had Lixing. Lixing is sceptical, but does not have the courage to confront Qingdong. He tells Huishan he is afraid to know the truth. She takes him to see Dayong, who admits Mingde is his father. Dayong also admits that Qingdong broke Mingde’s leg. Dayong informs Qingdong that Mingde has returned to Singapore and Lixing knows his identity.

Qingdong hangs up the phone grimly and instructs A-cai to locate Mingde. Junfeng arranges for Xinling to return to Singapore for physiotherapy. Yiqing sees him and Xinya behaving lovingly at the airport and is hurt. Wesley is not pleased.

Junfeng goes home to pick up his stuff and sees Yiqing. He apologises to her. She raps him for wounding her pride and declares she will never forgive him. Mingde provokes Qingdong, who hits him. Lixing has the misconception that Qingdong is going after Mingde. Concerned about Mingde’s injury, he finally acknowledges him.

Lixing moves out of the Zhang residence. Qingdong tries to talk him out of doing so, but to no avail. They get into a heated argument. Xinya accepts Junfeng’s marriage proposal. Xinling is overjoyed. She insists on walking without a walking stick. Suddenly, a car speeds towards them. Shocked, Xinya and Xinling freeze.

The Dream Job Jue Shi Hao Gong 绝世好工 Episode 25

A car speeds towards Xinya and Xinling. Earthworm and Junfeng rescue them in time. The police reveal the driver has turned himself in for reckless driving and admitted to drinking and consuming medicine. Junfeng is sure the accident is not as straightforward as it is being made out to be.

Zijie wants to prove himself, and Qingdong is supportive. However, Yongqiang is resentful, and hints to Bizhi that he will never let Zijie gain the upper hand. Earthworm learns a wealthy man had paid someone to engineer the traffic accident. Junfeng suspects Yiqing, and tells her tactfully that he does not wish the same to happen again.

Offended, she schemes to get back at him. During a meal, Xinya asks about Lixing. Bizhi deliberately states that Lixing is the illegitimate son of Mingde and Ziyun. Junfeng leaves in a huff. The DNA report confirms that Lixing is Mingde’s son. Junfeng refuses to accept Lixing as his half brother. Wesley acquires the Punggol land.

Left without an option, Qingdong gives it up. Yiqing reveals that everything was manipulated by Junfeng. To Huishan’s displeasure, Qingdong remains silent. Yongqiang asks Qingdong for money to start his own business. Qingdong refuses, and Yongqiang becomes bitter. Qingdong and Junfeng sail out to the sea.

Qingdong knows he is obligated to Ziyun and Junfeng, and even if Junfeng does not want to acknowledge him, he regards Junfeng as his most loved son. No matter how hard Qingdong tries, Junfeng is unable to forgive him for causing the death of his mother. Everyone worries when Qingdong does not return home for the night. The next day, his body is found floating out at sea.

The Dream Job Jue Shi Hao Gong 绝世好工 Episode 26

Qingdong’s body is recovered around eight in the morning. The forensic investigator’s preliminary analysis is that he was drowned. The police do not rule out homicide, due to bruises on the body. The police ask Junfeng to assist in their investigations.

He states that he and Qingdong went out to sea in a yacht at four in the afternoon the previous day. He returned home after six and Yiqing came to see him soon after. She left around eight.

Junfeng is filled with regret that his last meeting with Qingdong ended on a sour note. Xinya comforts him and gives him the assurance that she will remain by him. Huishan finds Lixing alone in a church. He reproaches himself for not forgiving Qingdong while he was still alive, and she consoles him.

The lawyer reads out Qingdong’s will. Bizhi is upset that half of Qingdong’s assets will go to Junfeng, while Purple Garden is to be jointly owned by Junfeng and Lixing. Lixing and Huishan find out that Junfeng is Qingdong’s long-lost son. Everyone comes to understand why Qingdong had left him such a substantial portion of his estate.

Lixing returns to Purple Garden and arranges for Mingde to work there. Bizhi tries to forge a good relationship with Mingde, and Mingde plays along. Bizhi almost causes Xiaoxue to fall down the stairs. Meilan confronts Bizhi and they get into a fight. At this moment, two police officers arrive to arrest Junfeng for the murder of Qingdong.

The Dream Job Jue Shi Hao Gong 绝世好工 Episode 27

The police confirm that Junfeng is Qingdong’s son and has been hiding his identity because of his hatred for his father. Junfeng retorts that none of this means he wanted Qingdong dead. It is pointed out that Junfeng benefits the most from Qingdong’s death. Besides, Junfeng’s statement is inconsistent with Yiqing’s.

He is thus detained for murder. Xinya begs Yiqing to tell the truth to the police. Yiqing states that she has been truthful, and that it is Junfeng who is the liar. It turns out that Yiqing was already prepared to handle the police, since Yongqiang had tipped her off immediately after he received word about Qingdong’s death.

She bribes him to create chaos in Purple Garden. Huishan tries to instigate Lixing to go to court and reclaim the portion of the assets left to Junfeng. He refuses, as that would be going against Qingdong’s wishes. Mingde listens in on their conversation and plots his next move.

Earthworm and Xinya locate the alibi and Junfeng is acquitted. Junfeng is suspicious of Mingde, and asks Earthworm to investigate. Bizhi reduces Zijie’s marketing budget deliberately. When Yongqiang entices him to use company funds for investment purposes, Zijie is tempted. Junfeng receives a lawyer’s letter from Huishan and Lixing, in which they make a claim on Qingdong’s assets.

He asserts that he will never give his inheritance up and permit Qingdong’s business to go down the drain. Junfeng exposes Mingde’s lies. Lixing does not believe him and gets into a fight with him. At home, Bizhi accidentally breaks a piggy bank. Lixing finds many handwritten notes hidden therein.

The Dream Job Jue Shi Hao Gong 绝世好工 Episode 28

Lixing reads every note. Written by Ziyun, they conveyed her heartfelt emotions. She apologised to Lixing for letting him down. She had wanted to love him, but his existence always reminded her that Mingde had raped her. Ziyun also wrote about her regret with regard to Qingdong. The more he cared about her and treated her well, the more guilty she felt. Lixing passes a note to Junfeng. Ziyun wrote that she did not tell Junfeng and Lixing they were brothers as she was afraid they would not forgive her.

Junfeng realises how wrong he has been about Qingdong and is overwhelmed by guilt. Junfeng sets out to punish Mingde for causing him to break his ties with Qingdong, as well as to avenge his mother. Yongqiang accuses Zijie of misappropriating company funds for private investment.

Denying this, Zijie becomes aggressive, and Yongqiang falls down the stairs. He insists on pressing charges against Zijie. Lixing severs his ties with Mingde and expels him from Purple Garden. Unable to pay back his debts to Earthworm, Mingde is beaten up by gangsters.

From behind the scenes, Junfeng watches his plans unfold. Lixing visits Mingde at the hospital but continues to refuse to forgive him. When Mingde goes on his knees, however, Lixing wavers. Yiqing wants to acquire Purple Garden so that she can ruin it to spite Junfeng. Wesley is supportive, and Yiqing begins to poach staff in important positions. Junfeng refuses to compromise.

Yongqiang tries to set fire to Purple Garden but fails. Junfeng suspects Wesley is behind all this, and warns that he has sufficient evidence to report Wesley to the CPIB. Junfeng changes the name on his identity card back to his real name.

While they are on their way to a seminar, Xinling notices a large object falling from a building, aimed at Junfeng. She pushes him to safety. She is hit instead, and dies. Earthworm vows to find the killer and avenge her.

The Dream Job Jue Shi Hao Gong 绝世好工 Episode 29

Grief-stricken, Xinya becomes suicidal. Junfeng sees her standing by a window, about to jump to her death, and hastily holds her back. Zijie is charged with assault and sentenced to six months in prison. Afraid Xinya might do something foolish, Junfeng remains with her.

She promises she will get over her loss and suggests they get married as it was Xinling’s wish. He agrees. Junfeng learns it was Wesley who killed Xinling. The target was actually Junfeng. Junfeng vows to make sure justice is served. Xinya points to his quest for revenge as the reason for this mess, and accuses him of indirectly causing Xinling’s death.

Distraught, she leaves him. Bizhi is remorseful about Zijie’s jail sentence. She no longer wants to work with Yongqiang. Meilan files a police report about Bizhi misappropriating company funds. Bizhi confesses that she was in cahoots with Yongqiang. Yongqiang’s bank account is frozen. He threatens to expose Yiqing, is she does not supply him the money to flee the country.

She agrees, but sends a thug to deal with him. Yongqiang develops a concussion, and his recovery is uncertain. Mingde is discharged from the hospital. Ignoring Lixing’s warnings, he gambles at an underground gambling den and pawns Qingdong’s watch.

 Junfeng comes to the conclusion that he is the murderer. Lixing interrogates Mingde about Qingdong’s death. Mingde finally admits that Qingdong accidentally fell into the sea while they were having a scuffle. Lixing demands Mingde turn himself in; he refuses. Mingde runs away. When Lixing and Huishan try to stop him, he grabs an iron rod and stabs Huishan.

The Dream Job Jue Shi Hao Gong 绝世好工 Episode 30

Terrified after stabbing Huishan, Mingde flees. Junfeng calls the police, and also informs them that Mingde murdered Qingdong. He seeks Earthworm out, to find Mingde. Earthworm tells Junfeng that Xinya is taking a break overseas. Lixing learns Benson has found Mingde. He reaches out to Mingde and tries to persuade him to turn himself in.

Mingde refuses, and escapes. When the police arrive, Mingde loses his balance and falls to his death. Huishan needs a liver transplant. Both Lixing and Junfeng are willing donors. After tests, only Lixing’s liver is found suitable. However, he contracts dengue fever and his blood platelet count dips.

For the time being, he is unfit for any operation. However, Lixing chooses to put his life at risk and undergoes the organ donation surgery. Huishan is saved, but he falls into a coma. Xinya returns from overseas. She notices Earthworm going out with a knife. It turns out Earthworm has discovered Wesley is the one behind Xinling’s death and is going to avenge her. Unable to stop him, Xinya calls Junfeng. Earthworm attacks Wesley and Yiqing.

Junfeng and Xinya arrive and attempt to intervene. Earthworm captures Yiqing while Wesley seizes Xinya. Junfeng feels responsible for the whole saga. Not wishing for any of them to be hurt, he snatches Earthworm’s knife and stabs himself. Junfeng regains consciousness after three days. Xinya leaves after he awakens.

Bizhi visits him and apologises. She has decided to turn herself in. Junfeng forgives her. Lixing regains consciousness. Overjoyed, Huishan promises to be his bride. They plan to wait for Zijie and Bizhi to be released from prison before having their wedding at Purple Garden. Junfeng declares he is willing to wait for Xinya, but she chooses to leave. Three years pass. Purple Garden is thriving under the management of the Zhang siblings. Junfeng bumps into Xinya. He offers her a dream job: to be his wife.

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